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About Jenna

“I’m one of the few people blessed to know what I’ve wanted to do since birth,” says Colorado native, Chef Jenna Johansen, who began her culinary career in a bakery at the age of 14. Since that first job, Jenna has learned every element of a restaurant, from high volume corporate chef positions and waiting tables to becoming the executive chef of several independent restaurants. She has carefully planned her career around education rather than notable names, gravitating towards restaurants that give her the opportunity to learn. Jenna’s cuisine is simple, seasonal and surprising and diners fall in love with her approachable dishes. She is friendly, cheeky, creative and candid. “I return every day to the kitchen in the hopes that I’ll make people happy with my food,” she says. “When a guest stops by the kitchen to tell me they’ve just had an “a-ha” moment because of my brussels sprouts, that, to me, is an accomplishment.”


To Contact Jenna, please email her at — jenna@jennajohansen.com